Blackberry & Pear Brown Betty

Is it just me, or is the moment the seasons change, so does your frame of mind regarding the cravings of whatever fruits and vegetables are available for that time of year? I can’t remember the last time I craved pumpkin or pecan pie in the middle of the summer. For years now, I’ve heard Martha Stewart mentioning “Brown Betty’s”.    I never knew what it was exactly, but I always assumed that it would be far more difficult to “whip” up then she ever let on.  Boy was I wrong….  Its basically like a poor man’s cobbler {in my opinion}.   The recipe I used is here… it sure was delicious!!!

{Fresh Blackberries may not be in season… but they sure looked delicious at the market}

 {I replaced the apples for pears and adding a small amount of blackberries.}

{I topped it with Cinnamon Vanilla Gelato… it was AMAZING!!! }

When making this particular recipe I cut the portions in half,  it was just the perfect size for a sweet tooth craving… What is your favorite fall seasonal dessert?   –Eliza


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