Fall Inspired At-Home Manicure

Having my nails pretty and painted every week at a spa is definitely a pampering that I would love to indulge myself with {and yes it would be weekly for me as I love all the pretty colors and can never commit to just one for more than seven days}. Though the reality of having this actually happen is off in a little pipe dream that I don’t event think I could begin to actually happen even if I had the extra money to spend.

So with my nails getting to the length of where they usually split and crack, I decided what better time to jump into fall then with a new mixture of colors.

I always begin my manicures by applying a cuticle removing gel gererously around the bed of my nails, and let that soak in while I’m trimming any jagged, or uneven nails. I follow this with filing each nail into a square with rounded edges right at my fingertips length. Before applying any color I make sure to use all side of my nail buffer to insure a nice even color application. In keeping with the fall colors, I chose a deep burgundy from ESSIE, and to make things a little more fun on my ring finger I added an over lay of glittery gold by O.P.I.

                                { The color matches my favorite ring from Torrid }


If you ever have an unbelievably hard time getting your nail polish cap off {like I do particularly with this bottle} take a shot glass place the bottle in upside down and then fill with nail polish remover. Let soak for approximately 5-10 mins depending on how stuck the lid is.

Do you ever paint your nails at home?  Do you prefer deep dark colors or light sheer colors?


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