Finding your “inner grace”…

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I’ve always found that when people pose deep philosophical questions searching for someone else’s answers, it’s comical to me…like what do you think the meaning of life is… or do you believe there really is a God. Don’t get me wrong,  I 100% support any of you who are on a mission to find how you truly want to be represented in the world. But at the end of the day, does someone else’s meaning of life really have any barring on yours. (I believe this is coming from the massive amounts of photos I’ve seen on sites like facebook, where there is a profound quote in a hip new font in bright colors.)  Maybe all of this is because I’ve been told way to many times that I’m too nice for my own good, or perhaps  I don’t live in reality because I dream in scales that most would laugh at.  As I see it, I’m 31 years old.  I have a career that I love, as well as friends and family who care about me more than I could ever repay.  I’d say that’s a pretty happy and fulfilled life.  Some may assume that because I don’t have children that I’m missing out. Or that if I just lost XXX amount of weight I could accomplish so much more.  Well maybe that’s true,  and maybe it’s not.
I believe whole heartedly in that old quote “No matter where you are… You’re still there.” and it honestly took me quite a few years to fully understand the meaning.  So after many years of just basically living my life… I suppose you could say these are my philosophies…

I believe in God.  I believe he is my savior and when I die I will be with him and all of my family that has gone before me.

I believe that if you are kind… you will not always be repaid or appreciated for those actions but… I also believe that if you do not forgive, and continue to focus on everything wrong that has ever happened in your life you will only become bitter.  (I’ve had to remind myself of this often recently)

I believe that you should enjoy everything and everyone you love.  Make a list, take that list place it where you will see it all day everyday… and then connect with everything on that list everyday.

I believe if you surround yourself with so much love and kindness there will be no room for anger or sadness.  Sure it will be there, but while your busy focusing on the good… all the rest will just pass you right by.

These are just some of my favorites in life…  yes it may seem simple but everyone of them brings a smile to my face none the less…

Eliza Davis - Creme de la Curves

…one of my favorite pictures on my dresser.

I must say that there has to be a bit of irony in the fact that my forever favorite perfume is  philosophy – “inner grace”

What’s on your list…


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